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From Mike's Desk

Mike has put fingers to keyboard and come up with a post for you all today. He oftens gets to wander the web and has come across some things you might find interesting.  The Mortgage calculator hidden in Windows 7 Calc is a good one and there is a lease calculator as well. 1. Windows 7 [...]

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Golf Day

Right so some of you have gone to sleep already but we will move past the fact that some people don’t like golf because I rather like the idea of being outside in the sunshine instead of in front of my keyboard. Notice that I said “the idea” because my golf game is not exactly [...]

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Kids Ipad Apps


Apps my kids are using on the Ipad My kids use my iPad a great deal more than me so who best to turn to when discussing all things Apple.  We have 2 iPhones, 2 iPod’s, an iPod nano and an iPad in our house so the kids are pretty cluey when it comes to [...]

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Windows Keyboard Shortcuts


Welcome to my first blog post on our new website. This will be a place where you can comment on the info we post up here, you can expect to see information about computers and technology in general.  We will try to keep you informed on new innovations we stumble across in our wanderings on [...]

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