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My kids use my iPad a great deal more than me so who best to turn to when discussing all things Apple. We have 2 iPhones, 2 iPod’s, an iPod nano and an iPad in our house so the kids are pretty cluey when it comes to these devices. My five year old Kai is probably the most proficient on the iPad so I have taken a look at what he is into right know for my inspiration for this post. His current favourite is a great little App from ABC Kids called Art Maker. The kids can make pictures with all their favourite characters from Play School, they can even make movies out of the scenes they create and save them for later. They can also watch episodes of Play School streamed from the ABC for Kids site.
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Another one they love is Zombie Farm and I literally have no idea how to play this game but they spend a lot of time playing this game and my wife has this game on her iPhone so it must be pretty addictive as she is not a gamer. The game has a field that you can plant various crops in and somewhere along the line zombies are involved and a whole host of other options, I got a headache just looking at all the things you can do, go check it out is my recommendation.

For a bit of light hearted fun go and check out Talking Carl+ , it’s cheaper and easier than sucking down helium is all I’m gonna say about this app. If you are ever stuck in a doctors surgery and let’s face it these days that is pretty much bound to happen then an app you should have at the ready is Jet Ball , and be sure to pay for some extra levels, I enjoy playing this one too and it will make sitting around waiting for your appointment so much easier!

Kai plays music on the iPad, or he will multi-task music with a game and he must have watched Despicable Me about a 100 times already if you want help on your iPad, Kai is your go to kid, send him your comments, he’s always got an opinion.

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