Mike’s tidbits

Mike’s tidbits

Mike has put fingers to keyboard and come up with a post for you all today. He oftens gets to wander the web and has come across some things you might find interesting. The Mortgage calculator hidden in Windows 7 Calc is a good one and there is a lease calculator as well.

1. Windows 7 calculator: http://www.techrepublic.com/photos/the-hidden-gems-found-in-the-windows-7-calculator/402273?tag=nl.e064
2. Quick summing in Excel with AutoSum – This tip is an introduction to using AutoSum. Use the keyboard equivalent of the SUM() function, [Alt]+=. Select the cell where you want to sum the values above or to the left and press [Alt]+=.
windows keyboard shortcuts
3. A quick tip for attaching files to an Outlook email. With Outlook open, simply drag the file from Windows Explorer to the Outlook task bar, but don’t drop it. Just hold the document over the Outlook icon and Windows will open the Outlook window. At this point, you can drag the document to your Inbox and Outlook will open a new email message with the dragged document as an attachment.

Expect more from Mike as he ponders his travels on the web and brings you more tidbits for you to enjoy, have a great week!

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