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Who you help is something you need to think about, each of us has values that are important to us, for us we have chosen to support a local organisation that really makes a difference with peoples lives right here in Western Australia and to support some large organisations that we believe are spending the money at the grass roots levels in third world communities and are able to show that the work they do really does help people in need.

We feel that when we as a company and as individuals are able to live in such a fantastic place such as WA and live the kind of life we do that it is our obligation to pay it forward as Oprah would put it. We believe in Karma at SecureIT, the saying “What goes around, comes around” is pretty true in our experience, we hope that you will join us and help us to support the organisations we are currently supporting or email us and tell us who you are supporting.

We also support Wheelchair Sports WA, Princess Margaret Hospital for children and the Heart Foundation.

Where Can You Help

Everywhere you look someone needs help, we help our local school to raise money for things like air conditioners and school equipment. We see the money we give to World Vision do wonderful things in our sponsor child’s local village.

The UNHCR is doing great work all over Africa in some of the world’s worst affected areas. Everywhere you look there is a crisis going on these days. Local, International or both, if your doing well then give something back, the universe will reward you in so many ways you will be surprised.

The Internet has brought the world together but also made things seem a little less real because we are constantly bombarded with information, slow down, look around you and do something today to help someone who needs your help.

Who Can You Help

Everyone can do something, it doesn’t have to involve money, you can donate some of your time or give something away that you barely use to someone who would get a lot of use out of it.

We fix up old computers that customers have discarded and give them to families who have just moved to Perth or can’t afford a new computer, every little bit helps.

As you start down the path of paying it forward, opportunities to do more and more good things just pop out of the woodwork and your life will be enriched. Each time you help someone else you will feel a deep sense of enjoyment, it really feels good so your not just helping someone else, your also helping yourself, how good is that.

We Support

World Vision

Our family has sponsored three World Vision children to date, it gives us great joy to see the progress of the children and the real difference our support makes to their everyday lives, their family and their community. If your’re not sponsoring a child, why not get on board today, it’s not a lot of money in our lives but it’s a great support to these children who need our help.

Check out –


This agency is on the ground in some of the worst affected areas in the world, there are literally crisis’s happening all over the world, if you are going to respond to that many problems in that many countries you need a massive organisation and the UNHCR does a great job of getting as much of the money that is donated out into the areas where it’s needed most, that’s why we are donating to this organisation.

Check their website – or their youtube site to see how you can get involved –

Make a Difference Foundation

One of our biggest customers is very much involved with MAD WA and I have seen first hand what a difference they are making to local people in WA, we have been regularly invited by BIA to the annual cricket breakfast at the Sheraton and it’s great to see Justin Langer supporting such a great cause. Being cricket tragics ourselves it’s an insight into the Aussie team and shows how much respect the current playing group has for him by coming along to the event each year.

With the WA economy doing so well despite what is happening in other parts of the world we have to remind ourselves that not everyone is doing well and that there are still plenty of people in our local communities that need our help.

See what this great group of people are doing and see if your business can get involved –

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Making the change to SecureIT Services has been a successful decision within our IT department. Darren and his team’s work ethic and knowledge are second to none, always going out of their way to ensure issues and requests are met without disrupting our daily work. We are happy to have someone reliable and easy to deal with in charge of our IT needs.

Lou Shabani

Di Candilo Steel City

DICANDILO steel city

The SecureIT team have been supporting Broome International Airports IT needs for over 9 years. They are on site twice a week at our Perth office to keep any issues under control & deal with our Perth & Broome staff. At other times they are always contactable & responsive to any issues that may arise.

Because they have a good understanding of our business they are able to determine the best solutions to our hardware & software requirements. These upgrades enable us to continue to improve our efficiency & keep up with technological changes. I recommend them without hesitation & are happy to be contacted.

Peter Walters

CFO, Broome International Airport

Broome International Airport

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