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Ilove to help people with their IT problems, I’ve been doing it since I got my first Atari 600XL when I was a kid. I have always had a natural affinity for technology. Nowadays computers are everywhere, you can’t do anything without one or so it seems. I watch my kids multi task on my iPad and teach my mum how to use it and can only smile and laugh, it seems to be in the genes. We started SecureIT back in 2003, I’ve had other IT companies before, this is my 25th year in IT so it was no surprise that I would start another. I ran an IT contracting company in the UK for 2 years in 1999-2000 and found that focusing on the service side of the business was the way to go, our core focus at SecureIT is to deliver on our promise of Peace of Mind. Someone in any business is always given the job of IT if they don’t have IT staff, it’s just the way things pan out, could be the boss or the accountant or the receptionist or a PA, it’s always given to someone, that person is the one we help the most. We’ll take your calls when you just need to know something to relay to someone else and when your stressed and need something fixed fast. It’s what we love doing, we won’t put you down when dealing with your problem, we will take charge of the problem and get it sorted for you, that’s what our customers want. We have fantastic customers and it’s great to know that they appreciate the hard work we put in. It’s my hope that we can continue to help people with their computer problems for many more years.

When I do get a chance to get away from the keyboard I like to read books (yes real paper ones and the odd Kindle ones) and relax. We have a family place we go to out of Mandurah that is the perfect spot to unwind after a busy year and I get a chance to work on my tan. Our three kids and their seven cousins all get together and have a ball down the beach and along with all the dogs it makes for quite a spectacle. I think we all need to get away more from this hustle and bustle of daily life, it seems to be getting more hectic each year. We plan to take more holidays and enjoy life a bit more and I would suggest that you all do the same.

Darren Perera


Michael von Bergheim
One of the biggest motivations for me to start in IT was because I wanted more humane working conditions. Coming from a sheet-metal background I used to hate getting up at 5:30 on those cold winter mornings, the dirty, cut, bruised hands & arms, filthy clothes & 40+ degree days in summer in a tin warehouse with no breeze, where it was hotter inside than outside.

Little did I know, I would still start the odd Sunday morning at 6am, because someone’s server had gone down, or that I would be often up at 1am trying to finish off updates or maintenance on a customer’s PC, before they got into work the next day. Even worse still, the odd weekend of 18hour days on a server install & migration. At least I still get to keep my hands clean… : )

All that aside, I do love the work I do. I have been in IT for at least the last 15 years. I joined SecureIT in 2005, where Darren showed me the ropes & has helped me understand how better to serve our customer’s needs. I take great pride in how we treat our customers & the service we offer them. One of the most satisfying things for me in the work that I do is helping people. I like talking to people & teaching them something that also may be useful to them along the way.

Outside of work, my hours are flexible enough to be able to help out my wife & 2 daughters before work during the week & have most weekends to spend with them. In summer we often go out swimming or for a bike ride. We also catch up with friends who have kids, so that our girls catch up with their friends as well. During the school term our weeks are packed with Tee Ball, Ballet practice & swimming.

When I do get time to myself, I like Ultimate Frisbee, which I play almost every Wednesday night for a league team & I train on Sunday mornings. This keeps me fitter than I would be otherwise & challenges me physically.

The rest of the time you will probably find me helping friends or family with some sort of a computer issue.

Hope to see you soon!

Michael von Bergheim

Senior Engineer / Customer Success Manager

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