It’s all about the Service

It’s late and you have a super important document you must email to the CFO or you’re in a heap of trouble, you know you’re tired and not doing your best work but you just want to get this done and relax on the weekend. You finally get the document together, putting the finishing touches on it and go to hit send and BAM your Outlook client is “not responding” whatever that means, a few minutes of this and Outlook just gives up and closes on you.  Your starting to pull your hair out and begin to think you should have taken that crazy French guy up on the voodoo doll of your computer during your last trip to Paris.  After five minutes of “Do you want to open Outlook in Safe Mode” you manage to get back into it but now the email is stuck in your outbox and refuses to budge.  Argh!  Desperately you try email SecureIT to see if you can get an email to leave and to get some urgent help, it’s late but sleep is clawing at you.  To your surprise the email goes with it’s familiar flying out the door noise.  Five minutes later you get an email back from Darren to say that he’s up anyway so he can look into your Outlook problem in a few minutes. You think to yourself, “I love these guys”, help is on it’s way!  He remotes into my laptop, and within 5 minutes the gremlins are gone, my Outlook is responding like a charm and my important email has been delivered!

Does this sound familiar, do you feel the love from your IT people?   Whether you have your own IT staff, a member of staff with some IT skills or you are IT challenged we are here to help. We have staff with skills at all levels from desktop to data center but our strongest skills are in dealing with our customers. We make you feel comfortable by giving you what you want, every customer is different in our eyes.  Customer satisfaction is about developing a relationship and having trust in your IT provider.

A highly organised team of computer experts who seriously know their stuff and are absolutely committed to providing great service and helping their clients improve their business system and operations.  I would highly recommend the SecureIT team.

- Deborah Osborn, Bellzone Mining.

Focus is a key objective when we work on your computer, we listen to you then get to work on resolving the problem.  Attention to detail is important as it is the little things that make all the difference in IT.  We keep you informed on where we are at with the problem and communicate to you what the issues could be but sometimes you just don’t care what the problem is and want it fixed asap and that is fine with us too because we understand that computers can be frustrating.  Our customers spend a lot less time being frustrated and a lot more time using their computers to complete their daily tasks. If your computers are giving you grief, you need SecureIT.
Customer care is a primary goal at SecureIT, it defines how we approach every problem.  It’s all about looking after the customer and addressing their concerns then bringing our experience to bear on the problem, usually the computer or Server knows that playtime is over and gets back on the job shortly after we starting look at the problem.  Frequently we get people who call us just to say that the problem has gone away while on the phone, that is what we refer to as our IT magic.  It’s something indefinable that seperates us from the rest of the pack, we are in tune with our customers and their IT infrastructure and sometimes the mere threat of calling us resolves the issue.


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